Elif Saydam, ‘TWO CENTS’
Elif Saydam, ‘TWO CENTS’
Elif Saydam, ‘TWO CENTS’
Elif Saydam, ‘TWO CENTS’
Elif Saydam, ‘TWO CENTS’
Elif Saydam, ‘TWO CENTS’
Elif Saydam, ‘TWO CENTS’

Elif Saydam’s works are crawling with clues: a rotating cast of characters, logos, and symbols”, writes Adam Fearon in his text Clueless, or There and Back Again. “Their work is not figurative in any normal sense: there is no representation of reality, no use of illusionistic space, no straightforward figuration. Instead, a kind of lexicon of symbols builds up: padlocks, CLOSED signs, hearts, a frog or two, grapes, lemons, fresh fruit, rotten fruit, ladders, landlords, chromosomes, labels from honey jars, brain scans, chains, daisies, daisy chains, mosquitos, bees, bugs, smiley faces, a stomach, mood rings, bow-tie pasta, wilted roses, charged political slogans, ice tea, Antifa, 555-phone numbers, butterflies, a lucky star, bloodshot eyes, wheat, the hand of Fatima, four-leaf clovers, the iconic Blue Marble... and mazes”. Published with Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof, Hamburg, 
this exquisitely illustrated book also includes essays in English, German and Turkish by Maxi Wallenhorst, Asa Seresin, Vera Palme and a poetic contribution by the artist. 

Elif Saydam
‘TWO CENTS’, 2022
English, German, Turkish
Edited by Annette Hans, Elif Saydam
Published by Mousse Publishing
Printed by Artigiana Grafica
Designed by Massimiliano Pace (Mousse) 
Publication photographed by Nick Ash
31.7×23.5 cm
12½×9¼ in
108 pp.
ISBN 978-88-6749-510-8

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